Used Construction Mats

Used Mats

Because operating budgets are always tight, project managers look to save money wherever they can. When permitting regulations allow, cost savings can often be achieved by buying used matting rather than new. Under ordinary circumstances, a used mat buyer has a number of concerns while shopping, including:

  • Overpaying for low-grade mats that may not even work with their application.
  • Paying for mats with dry rot, which can’t always be seen in pictures or detected in a visual inspection.
  • Suffering a premature mat failure, which can cause damage to equipment, machinery, and the environment. Or worse, injury or death to personnel.

Unfortunately these concerns aren’t misplaced. There are just too many industry horror stories out there of companies falling victim to unscrupulous sellers who don’t accurately represent their used construction mats. But our buyers don’t have to worry about that. Industrial Matting outshines our competition by accurately representing every mat we sell using these standard procedures:

Mat Grading

When grading used construction mats, the outward appearance is only half the equation. Dry rot and busted timbers and bolts aren’t always visible in pictures or even in person. Our mat graders ensure we’ve studied and tested the mats, which are marked, tallied, sorted by grade, and photographed for reference. We go the extra mile by performing:

  • 4-side examination for failing or broken timbers and bolts.
  • Dry rot testing by probing, puncture, and percussion.
  • Detailed tallies of all mat sizes.
  • Detailed tallies of all mat grades.
  • Detailed tallies showing mat locations.
  • Pictures of all mats showing sizes, grades, and locations.
  • Projected mat usability and longevity analysis.

Mat History

Mats don’t last forever. Knowing how long a mat has been in service, what it’s been used for, and how it’s been stored makes a big difference in the quality of the mat. Industrial Matting takes the time to track how our rental pool and buyback program mats are used so our customers have all the available information.

Digital Pictures

A picture really is worth a thousand words. That’s why we photograph each of our used mats and make the pictures available to every buyer before purchase. That way there’s never any question about what they can expect.

Customer Pick Up

Industrial Matting welcomes our customers to our yards to pick up their mats themselves. This gives them the opportunity to see the used mats up close and then hand-select which ones are loaded on their trucks.

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Under the right conditions, buying used mats rather than new might be a logical cost-savings solution for your job. Our matting experts have broad experience in a number of different industries and can help you decide which mats best fit your needs. This decision often comes down to a combination of factors such as budget, timeline, goals, etc.

If you’d like more information about Industrial Matting’s used mat program, call us today at (888) 543-MATS. You can also fill out our contact page and we’ll get right back to you. We have no doubt we’ll be able to find the perfect solution for your unique job.

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