Turf Protection

The turfgrass industry consists of many diverse groups including millions of homeowners, athletic field managers, lawn care operators, golf course superintendents, architects, developers and owners, landscape designers and contractors, seed and sod producers, parks and grounds superintendents, roadside and vegetation managers and cemetery managers. Turfgrass beautifies tens of millions of home lawns, provides safe playing surfaces on over 700,000 athletic fields, outdoor recreation for nearly 26 million golfers on over 17,000 golf courses and economic opportunities for tens of thousands of seed and sod producers, lawn care operators and landscapers.

In addition, turfgrasses provide safety and dust control along millions of miles of highways and thousands of airport runways. Turfgrasses beautify our parks and landscapes. They are part of a larger “green industry” that improves the physical and mental health of Americans, particularly in crowded urban and suburban areas. Finally, turfgrasses provide environmental protection and enhancement by purifying and protecting our water, soil and air wherever they are grown. Turfgrasses truly touch each and every American in some way every day!

There is no need to destroy grass and turf. We can provide a variety of matting solutions to protect your grass and turf. After your work is complete and the mats are picked up, you will be amazed when in two to three days later the grass has popped back up and is completely unaffected.

Commonly used mats for this industry:
– Laminated Mats
– Composite Mats
– Emtek Mats
– Event & Turf Protection Mats
– Used & Rental Mats

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