Steel Rig Mats

  • Also known as Rig Mats, Steel Mats, Drilling Mats, Etc.
  • Standard sizes readily available in 8’x20′, 30′ and 40′ in 3″, 4″ and 6″ thicknesses.
  • Approximate weight is 1,248 lbs per mat, which will last conservatively 15-20 years.
  • Mats are extremely strong and stiff, and deflect less than .01″ with a load of 450 psi centered on a simple 40″ splan.

Steel Rig Mats

Sometimes the really big jobs require a truly heavy-duty solution. In these situations, the Steel Rig Mat is ideal. Designed to support heavy machinery of all sizes, these mats are the perfect ground covering solution to create drilling pads, spans, or temporary roadways.

To meet the requirements of our client’s unique needs, Industrial Matting offers a variety of customization options for both Reinforced Steel Rig Mats and the lighter, stronger Engineered Rig Mats. While both options are effective, each one offers its own benefits.  

Strong and Stiff Mats

Reinforced Steel Rig mats combine the strength of steel and timber to create a sturdy work platform for a variety of applications. These mats are extremely strong and stiff, and deflect less than .01″ with a load of 450 psi centered on a simple 40″ span.

Steel Rig Mats achieve this impressive rigidity through a frame design that connects cross-members with the rail at multiple points on the mat using deep, penetrating welds. Wood inserts are also installed for excellent weight distribution and strength. All wood components are dado’d and rabbited to create a seamless and flat mat surface that’s free of tripping hazards and useable on both sides.

Industrial Matting designs our mats to be both sturdy and easy to use. We build curved radius edges into our outer channels, which makes our mats far superior for forklift handling. And our patented reinforced corners and lifting devices are added to all our mats for convenient pick points.

Customization options include:

  • Standard sizes readily available in 8’x10’, 8’x15’, 8’x20’, 8’x30’ and 8’x40’ measurements and in 3, 4, and 6 inch thicknesses, but custom sizes are also available.
  • Optional ¼ inch thick lift protectors can be added in 12 inch increments.
  • Beams and rails may be added and customized for higher quality mats.

More Strength, Less Weight

Our Engineered Rig Mats include many of the same features and customization options as our Reinforced Steel Rig Mats, but are dramatically different in a few important ways. While traditional rig mats use timbers which are locked into place with steel rails and beams, Engineered Rig Mats only use steel on the outside edges of the mat. By using less steel, the weight of each mat is greatly reduced.

An 8’x40’ engineered mat is typically 1,000 to 1,500 pounds lighter than standard rig mats. In some cases, our engineered mats can be as much as 2,000 to 3,000 pounds lighter. What’s even more impressive, mat performance isn’t compromised.

How? Our engineered rig mats are manufactured for optimal strength and endurance under pressure. Because the strength of our engineered mats is located in the multi-layer process, and not in the steel, these mats exceed in resiliency and deflection.

The process of making the engineered rig mats is straightforward. Cross-directional lumber is layered, micro-planed, glued, finger jointed, and pressed under specialized hydraulics. This engineered, bi-axial loading mat eradicates weak boards or timber billets that can fail, and further eliminates durability issues commonly associated with the traditional style rig mat. This manufacturing process means these mats are rated for 70,000+ pounds per square foot of down pressure, more than twice the weight of traditional rig mats.

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