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Make Your Matting Work For You

Construction matting protects the environment by providing a stable and firm platform which heavy equipment can move across. It also allows construction crews to work with increased safety and efficiency because they’re won’t be struggling against wet, uneven, or unstable ground. By working without construction matting, you risk running afoul of local, state, and federal environmental regulations and could incur costly mitigation fees to repair the damage your crews cause.

But simply installing a mat probably won’t be enough. Why? Because the type of soil you’re working with could make some mats more or less effective than others. So how do you determine which mat is the perfect fit for your jobsite? Call Industrial Matting.

Industrial Matting Conducts Soil Analysis and Engineering

The Industrial Matting team is available to travel to your jobsite to conduct a site and soil analysis and make expert suggestions that will help your project run more efficiently.

We can provide wetland overlays, engineering data like PSI, and shear and deflection ratings, and make sure your project has the right mats in place for your specific situation.

Soil Compaction

If your job requires large cranes or other machinery that use outriggers for stability, Industrial Matting can also provide your site’s soil compaction data so you can maintain a safe work area.

Compaction is about much more than wet or dry ground. Different types of work surfaces can have vastly different compaction load capacities. For example:

  • Virgin Ground – 22 PSI
  • Asphalt – 29 PSI
  • Compressed Crushed Stone – 36 PSI
  • Clay/Silt Soil, Firm – 43 PSI
  • Mixed Granular Soil – 51 PSI
  • Firm Compacted Gravel – 58 PSI
  • Firm More Compacted Gravel – 72 PSI
  • Firm More Compacted Class Five Gravel – 109 PSI
  • Brittle Weathered Rock – 145 PSI
  • Concrete (Unknown Mix) – 1,000 PSI

You can see, there’s a remarkable difference between even hard surfaces like crushed stone and gravel. Whether it’s crane work and critical lifts for bridge building or wind farm construction, or understanding wetlands and swampy areas where your equipment may topple or sink in the mud, if you’re not taking the proper precautions when working on different surfaces, you’re taking a big risk,

The Stakes are Just Too High

In an industry where equipment and infrastructure can cost millions of dollars, Industrial Matting understands that planning ahead saves time and money. Don’t jeopardize your equipment, machinery, work, and – most importantly – your personnel. A correct understanding of soil conditions and mat capabilities will ensure your important work can be conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

Industrial Matting Can Help

If you’d like help with soil analysis and engineering or compaction testing, our Matting Experts will be happy to help. You can reach us by phone at (888) 543-MATS or by filling out our contact page. We take our work so seriously, that we offer all our customers this guarantee:

Our Guarantee

If allowed to conduct a soil and site analysis, Industrial Matting guarantees that our mats will perform and support your equipment. Should any problems result because of incorrect recommendations on our end, we’ll cover any costs and damages.

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