Pipeline Skids / Timbers

  • Hardwood and softwood skids available in standard and custom sizes.
  • Standard full-sawn and nominal cut pipeline skids are available at 4″x6″x4′ and 3.5″x5.5″x4′.
  • Custom skids, dunnage, timbers, cribbing, lagging and other wood products are available upon request.

Skids / Timbers

Pipeline construction is grueling, complicated, and dangerous work. These hardcore workers run huge pipelines across entire continents and don’t let anything get in their way. And because these pipes typically carry dangerous or harmful materials like oil, natural gas, or raw sewage, there’s absolutely no room to cut corners. So before a project even starts, all the pieces need to be in place. From the planning, to the people, to the equipment, everything needs to be perfectly staged and ready to go.

One detail that can’t be overlooked during the planning phase are your pipeline skids. While these wooden pieces might seem unimportant to an outside observer, they play a critical role in project success and worker safety.

Pipeline Skids are Critical to Worker Safety

What happens when you set a large piece of round pipe on the ground? There’s a good chance it will just roll away. And once that large piece of pipe starts rolling, there’s no easy way to make it stop. And because pipeline project typically move through all kinds of terrain, that unstoppable rolling piece of pipe could do a lot of damage to the environment, expensive construction equipment, and pose a real safety risk to your workers. This is where pipeline skids come into play.

Pipeline skids are cut pieces of hard or soft wood that keep component pipe pieces raised and in place above the ground. This allows workers to place, align, and connect the pieces together while they remain in a stable position. Without proper skidding, pipeline work is much more difficult and much more dangerous.  

Industrial Matting Sells Pipeline Skids & Timbers

Industrial Matting sells standard full-sawn and nominal cut pipeline skids and timbers in standard sizes of 4”x6”x4’ and 3.5”x5.5”x4’. We can also make these skids in custom sizes to fit the needs of special projects. Buyers can also choose between hard or soft wood skids depending on the size of the pipeline project. And don’t worry about wasting your money by buying a bunch of skids you’ll only use once. Because after you’re done using your new skids, you’ll have the option of selling them back to us as part of our construction matting buyback program.

And if you’re not ready to buy a full set of brand new skids, we also offer a comprehensive construction mat rental program. Select your pipeline skids from our large rental inventory held in locations throughout the country, use them during your project, and then simply return them when you’re done. No hassles and no hidden tricks. Just flexible convenience in service of our customers.

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To speak with an Industrial Matting representative, call (888) 543-MATS or you can fill out our contact page and someone will get back to you right away. Once you’ve experienced our stellar customer service, extensive product knowledge, and impressive construction industry expertise firsthand, we’re confident Industrial Matting will be your number one choice for all your matting needs for many years to come.

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