Rental Program

Standard rental periods range from 30, 60 and 90 day terms; however, there is a place for 6 month and 12 month rentals and we can work with your team to custom fit and modify a specific rental program for your company’s unique requirements.

Rental Program

Implementing a reliable ground covering solution is a vital component of planning any big project. Matting helps protect the environment, valuable equipment, and company personnel. And when properly used, it also prevents work delays, injury, and the need for environmental remediation, all of which can take a healthy bite out of a project’s bottom line.

But sometimes, that precious bottom line also makes it difficult to justify the purchase of a brand new set of mats. Too often mats go to waste after a project, either because they’re too badly damaged to reuse or aren’t applicable for the next job. So is there a budget-friendly solution somewhere between buying new mats and going without? There is! Industrial Matting’s mat rental program.  

Mat Rental, A Cost Effective Solution

Mat Rental from Industrial Matting is a great, cost-effective way to keep a project operating safely and on-time without having to worry about all the mats left-over after the job’s finished. Industrial Matting offers a complete line of matting solutions – from Composite Construction Mats to Bridge Kits to Outrigger Pads – which are available for rent at reasonable rates. But the upfront costs aren’t the only expense to consider.

Many of our competitors charge high fees for damaging their mats during the rental period, and users don’t find out until after-the-fact when the job is finished and the mats have been returned. Industrial Matting, on the other hand, does NOT charge fees for damaged or even destroyed mats as long as they can be returned. That means our clients can really use their rented mats, finish their projects successfully, while still enjoying true cost-savings without the hidden fees.

Quality Mats and Flexible Rental Terms

All our mats are carefully graded for quality by our in-house matting experts. We carefully document the condition of each mat with digital photographs that we make available to our clients. That way, everyone knows exactly what they’re getting.

We offer our clients standard rental periods that range between 30, 60 and 90 day terms. However, we can also offer longer rental terms – such as 6 and 12 month periods – if the project requires it. We can work with any team to custom-fit and modify a specific rental program for their company’s unique requirements.

Contact Industrial Matting Today

So if your team is facing a tough project with a tight deadline, taking advantage of Industrial Matting’s mat rental program might be just the solution you’re looking for. Contact one of our matting experts at (888) 543-MATS, or you can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

We’ll get you set up with a rental solution that’s custom-fit to your project’s specific needs while staying kind to your budget. And you’ll never again be forced to choose between blowing your budget and doing the job the right way.

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We sell, buyback, and rent industrial mats. We have new and used inventory available.

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