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For some projects, a full compliment of brand new mats is just another line in the budget. But for other projects, where budgets are much tighter, new mats might not be a feasible option. Fortunately, Industrial Matting offers several budget-friendly solutions that might offer a better fit.

Mats for Rent

Choosing to rent your mats can be a cost-effective solution that will keep your project running safely and on time. Standard rental periods run between 30 and 90 days, but we can also offer longer rental terms if necessary. We can also customize a rental program to fit your company’s unique needs.

Other rental companies charge high fees for mats that are damaged or destroyed during ordinary use. Industrial Matting does not charge fees for damaged or even destroyed mats so long as they can be returned.

Used Mats

If renting your mats isn’t ideal, we also maintain a large inventory of used mats available for purchase. Many consumers are understandably skeptical about buying used mats and that’s why we take special care to monitor our entire stock and share that information with each of our new buyers.

Our professionals grade each used mat so their exact condition is understood and documented. We also track our entire inventory so we can share each mat’s history – from storage methods to usage to length of service – with our buyers. Our customers are also invited to pick their mats up in person from our storage facilities, so they can choose exactly which mats they take to their job site.


Even if you do buy brand new mats, we offer a unique buyback program that give you the option to sell your mats back to us after your job’s finished. Mat purchasing and mat buybacks are two separate transactions, so our customers can decide at the end of their project if they’d like to sell their mats or keep them for another job.

Call Today

Need more information about one of our unique used mat programs? Call us today at (888) 543-MATS or send us a message and one of our matting experts will help you out.

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