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Mega Deck Mats, #1 in Composite Matting

Mega Deck composite matting is designed to work wherever your job takes you. Its unique interlocking pieces allow for fast assembly, disassembly, transportation, and cleaning. When you use Mega Deck mats, you’ll find they lead the competition in three key areas.


Each Mega Deck Mat is molded from a single piece of HDPE, including a proprietary formula that gives the system additional strength, rigidity, and impact resistance. Each section uses a ribbed interior structure that reduces weight and allows each piece to be moved without special equipment, all without sacrificing its weight-bearing capacity. What’s more, each mat is sealed to prevent water, dirt, and debris from entering the ribbed interior. When connected together by HDPE flanges, these mat sections create a single work surface that is rigid and strong.


Each Mega Deck mat can be reconfigured into  7.5’ x 7.5’ (2.286 m x 2.286 m) half mats that give the user greater flexibility in layout design and make transportation much easier. The mat system comes standard in these dimensions:

  • Full Size Mat : Actual: 4.2672m / 14ft (L) x 2.286m / 7.5ft (W) x 10.795cm / 4in (D) Usable (due to flange): 3.9624m / 13ft (L) x 1.98m/ 6.5ft (W) x 10.795cm / 4cm (D)
  • Weight: 555.5 kg / 1,122 lbs

Ease of Maintenance

The Mega Mat’s composite construction allows for easy cleaning using standard industrial pressure washers, brushes, and cleaning solutions. Its HDPE material also resists the damaging effects of water or other contaminants.

Contact Us Today

If you think a Mega Deck composite mat system might be the solution you’re looking for, contact Industrial Matting today at (888) 543-MATS or send us an email. Our matting experts will ask a few questions about your project and then set out to create a customized matting solution that meets your exact needs. With composite mats from Industrial Matting, you’ll also be on a firm foundation.

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