Mat Washing & Cleaning

Save Your Mats

Cleaning your mats extends their life span. By eliminating harmful insects and rot causing pathogens, Industrial Matting can actually extend the expected life of your mat by 20% of more. Soil borne pathogens are actually the leading cause for rot and degradation of your mats. By allowing us to clean your mats, we make your mats stronger, less slippery and extend their life.

Save Your Environment

Outside of the fact that state and federal environmental regulations and restrictions are steadily increasing, we all have a responsibility to be environmentally conscience. By allowing Industrial Matting to do our job, we will help prevent the transportation of noxious weeds, destructive insects, soil borne pathogens and cross-contamination of toxins, fuels and other chemicals.

Our patented procedure for recycling water during our cleaning process ensures we are saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. In addition, when we are done cleaning your mats, we can also haul away water and mat waste making sure the environment and local eco systems remain intact and unaffected. You can help prevent dirty water and contaminants from washing into waterways, watersheds, storm drains, eco systems and agricultural areas.

Save Yourself Time & Money

Industrial Matting come to your job site saving you time and money by avoiding unnecessarily shipping mats around. As we clean away dirt, mud and rocks (which can act as projectiles on the highway and cost you time and money in liability and injury lawsuits), we also help make your mats lighter in weight, which means you can load more mats on a truck and save on transportation costs.

With mats lasting longer, you will buy new mats less frequently and save money. This also reduces the disposal costs of spent mats.
Other ways we help you save time and money is by grading and sorting your mats, meaning that you won’t spend money on shipping non-reusable mats from one job site to the next. Culled mats waste BIG freight dollars, waste time (employee wages and equipment costs) and are potentially harmful to equipment and personnel. Lastly, with our patented system, we can clean your mats drastically faster than the traditional way of pressure washing mats, increasing time efficiencies and saving you time and money.

Save Yourself From Costly Litigation & Remediation

As higher state and federal regulations arise for environmental awareness, stronger restrictions and costly penalties are being placed on site remediation and clean up. Not only can Industrial Matting help you avoid expensive penalties and remediation costs by cleaning your mats, but we can also help you completely remove and properly dispose of your mat and water waste. This not only saves you time and money, but it also helps your company create a good, “earth-conscience” name for itself.

By cleaning your products, Industrial Matting also helps you limit your risk and liability when hauling dirty and unclean mats down the highway. Loose mud, rocks, ice and other debris can dislodge and hit cars and cause accidents. Clean mats increases safety on the highway and can save your company money from potential litigation costs and fines from the department of transportation.

Clean mats are also stronger, healthier and less slippery which means increased safety for your equipment and personnel.

Our System

Built to get the job done, our patented system incorporates all the key ingredients to wash mats quickly, effectively, safely and with an environmental focus. All the water used, whether we bring it ourselves or it’s provided for us, is recycled and self-contained. Our water distribution is like non else and quickly washes away the mud, ice, rock, debris, soil borne pathogens, insects and other toxins and contaminants.

Our Results

With our patented system, Industrial Matting can clean 600 mats in an 10 hour shift, per crew. With our 3 crews hard at work we can clean, grade and sort 1,800 mats in a day 10 hour day. We have 3 crews on standby at all times and can easily add more crews to our team for larger jobs where time is of the essence.

Our Commitment

Give us a chance to come show you what you can do and you will see the return on your investment. We will work hard to earn your trust and repeated business.

Did you know?

We sell, buyback, and rent industrial mats. We have new and used inventory available.

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