Mat Cleaning: 4 Reasons You’ll Benefit

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Don’t Ignore Mat Cleaning

Can you think of a time when your project’s budget hasn’t been a concern? Probably not, right? In our business, watching every expense is one of the best paths towards success and sometimes, when you’re watching those expenses like a hawk, you might forego spending on items like ongoing maintenance because they don’t contribute to the task at hand. In the long run, however, this tactic will cost you big especially when you’re talking about construction matting. Here are 4 reasons why mat cleaning and washing will benefit your business in the long run.

Save Your Mats

Did you know that soil borne pathogens are the leading cause of rot and degradation in your mats? Thorough and professional cleaning rids your mats of harmful insects and damaging pathogens and can actually extend your mat life by 20%. They’ll also be stronger and less slippery with every cleaning.

Save Your Environment

With regulations becoming more stringent everyday, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure we’re treating our environment as well as we can. Regular mat cleaning will eliminate the risk of cross contamination of noxious weeds, soil borne pathogens, and destructive insects. Cleaning also reduces contamination from toxins, fuels, and other chemicals common in the construction process.

Industrial Matting also works hard to reduce our water usage during the mat cleaning process. We also recycle all our water and transport it away from your job site eliminating the risk of contaminating waterways, watersheds, storm drains, eco systems, and agricultural areas.

Save Time & Money

Industrial Matting will come to your job site to clean your mats, saving you time and money from moving mats back and forth. Clean mats also weigh less than dirty mats, further saving you transportation costs. As we clean, we’ll also grade and rate your mats and let you know which ones are no longer suitable for use. This will save you even more on transportation. Finally, our patented cleaning system is faster and more efficient than traditional pressure washing, so your labor costs will also be lower.

Save on Costly Litigation & Remediation

The costs of causing environmental contamination and damage are astonishingly high and federal, state, and local governments won’t hesitate to pursue remediation solutions from offenders. Clean mats help reduce the risk of contamination. What’s more, hauling dirty mats presents a risk to other vehicles from loose rocks, ice, and other debris. One wrong bounce from a large rock and you could be at risk for costly litigation expenses. Regular cleaning can greatly reduce your risk.

Call for a Quote

Our patented process can clean, grade, and sort up to 600 mats in a single ten hour shift. If you need your mats cleaned fast, give us call at (888) 543-MATS or send us a message here. We have three crews ready to go at all times and can add more if time is of the essence. Don’t be shortsighted when it comes to ongoing maintenance expenses. In the long run, they’re dollars well spent.

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