Heavy Civil

The Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction subsector comprises establishments whose primary activity is the construction of entire engineering projects (i.e. highways, buildings and dams). The heavy and civil engineering construction groups consist of these industries:
– Utility System Construction
– Land Subdivision
– Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
– Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

We work closely with this industry. We can provide engineered matting solutions that give certified and guaranteed values for shear, deflection and psi on our mats and we have many different mat offerings to tailor fit each customer’s individual needs.

Commonly used mats for this industry:
– Laminated Mats
– Crane Mats
– Digging Mats
– Steel Rig Mats
– Composite Mats
– Emtek Mats
– Outrigger Pads
– Used & Rental Mats

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We sell, buyback, and rent industrial mats. We have new and used inventory available.

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