Event & Turf Protection Mats

  • Many of our event and turf protection mats have interlocking systems for quick installation and removal.
  • We offer a large assortment of mats, including heavy duty High Density Polyethylene mats, light duty High Density Polyethylene mats and other types of mats small enough to pick up and move by hand.

Event & Turf Protection Mats

We offer specialized composite event and turf protection mats for use in a wide variety of events including convention flooring, movie studios and sets, parties, concerts, sporting events, as well as other applications related to grass and turf protection. Our mats are lightweight and easy to maneuver to ensure damage free setup and removal.

Our Mat’s Features Set Them Apart from the Competition.

If you’re looking for a turf protection solution that can be installed quickly and carry a heavy load, while actually protecting the turf below, our mats are the answer.

Supports Heavy Weights

  • Industrial Matting event flooring is specially designed to handle heavy weights such as vehicles, forklifts, and other moving loads. Our optional aluminum cam-lock system secures panels together to form a rugged and secure platform or roadway.

Easy Connection System

  • Unlike other flooring systems, ours features an integrated connection system which is self-aligning and provides both ease of installation and tremendous strength. Sections are simply laid in place and self-aligned using Industrial Matting’s hook-and-look fastening system. For added strength, sections may be locked together with the use of the aluminum cam locks.

Industry-Leading Turf Protection

  • Industrial Matting’s event and turf protection flooring features an expansive moisture canopy and bi-directional ribbing system, which distributes weight effectively and allows grass to grow and flourish, even during installation. Drainage and aeration holds help keep natural turf healthy by allowing air and moisture in, but keeping unwanted spills from penetrating the grass.

Practical and Low Maintenance

  • Made of hi-density polyethylene (HDPE), our product is reinforced with additives for added strength, flex modulus, and izod impact values. Panels have an anti-slip surface that also provides traction for vehicles. A 5-year UV package is incorporated into the material formulation for protection against the sun’s damaging effects. Furthermore, the product is designed for simple cleaning and minimal maintenance.

Available in Multiple Configurations to Fit Your Needs

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all job. Our turf protection mats are available in a variety of styles so you’ll get the right protection for your project.

Turf Protection Mats are Available in 3 Versions

  • IM Decking-1: For natural grass protection. Features top aeration holes to allow air and moisture to keep grass healthy.
  • IM Decking-2: For synthetic turf protection. Smooth top offers greater protection against moisture and debris.
  • IM Decking-3: Extra heavy-duty turf protection and portable roadways. Features a bottom panel which adds more support for the heaviest loads, including staging, speaker towers, heavy equipment, and large trucks.  

Flooring and Decking Specifications

  • Module Size: 42” x 42” (1.067m x 1067m) – usable surface area. 45” x 45” outside dimension with connection tabs exposed.
  • Weight: 31 lbs / 14.1 kg (IM-1 and IM – 2). 41 lbs / 18.6 kg (IM-3 with bottom).
  • Material: Hi-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors added.
  • Color: Standard tile come in light gray. Custom colors are also available.
  • Weight Loading: IM-1 and IM-2 – 25,000 lbs per sq/ft static load on firm surface. IM-3 – 45,000 lbs per sq/ft static load on firm surface.

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