Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation deals with the removal of pollution or contaminants from environmental media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water for the general protection of human health and the environment. Remediation is generally subject to an array of regulatory requirements, and also can be based on assessments of human health and ecological risks where no legislated standards exist or where standards are advisory.

Many companies participating in environmental remediation efforts require matting for a variety of reasons. Matting protects subterranean infrastructure. Matting keeps harmful chemicals away from sensitive ecosystems. Matting protects ground conditions and prevents erosion. Matting allows access to necessary equipment for remediation that couldn’t otherwise gain access. Industrial Matting has the solutions for your specific needs.

Commonly used mats for this industry:
– Laminated Mats
– Crane Mats
– Digging Mats
– Steel Rig Mats
– Composite Mats
– Emtek Mats
– Mat Washing & Cleaning
– Used & Rental Mats

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