Engineered Mats Are Environmentally Friendly

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Industrial Matting’s engineered mats provide structural and environmental solutions to challenging access problems. In addition, engineered ground pressure distribution and¬†clean materials construction reduces the potential for environmental non-compliance issues on the job site, as well as costly remediation work.

Here’s how:


Engineered mats are strong and durable due to their unique manufacturing process. To create the mats, kiln-dried wood-based laminates are pressed together using exterior rated adhesives to create an endless billet. Once cured, these adhesives become inert and won’t leach or react with local ecology. The billets are then cut to length and joined together by steel rods to form an engineered mat. Mat size isn’t limited by the raw material configurations. Instead, each mat is cut to meet the customer’s specific access requirements.

Ground Pressure

We test all our engineered products in accordance with ASTM 5456 standards. As a result, users can specifically calculate ground pressure conditions and deflections under given loads. This helps onsite personnel to meet depression limits associated with root structure and other environmentally sensitive requirements.

Residual Materials Impact

All mats experience abuse with industrial use. As a result, small amounts of residual mat material often remain on job sites. By contrast, engineered mats are made from cellulose material that is untreated and pH neutral. This means that any remaining residual materials are eco friendly. They won’t adversely affect the surrounding ecology and will naturally deteriorate over time.

Invasive Species

When project managers operate in environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands, protected grasslands, or healthy forests, they must pay special care to avoid transporting invasive species. For example, the Federal Government designs wood species quarantines to prevent the transport of potentially harmful pests. This is another benefit of using engineered products.

By design, our engineered products comply with established¬†Phytosanitary Standards. And the kiln-drying and pressing processes eliminate all naturally occurring organisms. This both prevents the transport of invasive species and meets the federal and state quarantines designed to protect l0cal environments. If necessary, you can provide certification that you’ve met these standards with the appropriate offices concerned with these issues.

Energy Conservation

Based on the high strength of the laminated billets used in engineered products, mats can be much thinner than standard timber mats. Reduced mat thickness means less weight and more mats per truck. This increased transportation efficiency results in an average fuel consumption reduction of 50%.

Want to Learn More?

As we’ve shown, engineered mats offer users increased strength over traditional timber mats, as well as a superior ecological impact. If you’d like to learn more about incorporating engineered products into your current or future jobs, we’re ready to talk. We’re available by phone at (888) 543-MATS or you can reach us by filling out the contact page on our website.

Don’t forget to ask our matting experts about Industrial Matting’s unique used, rental, and buyback programs. These are great ways to stretch your budget dollars while still getting a top-notch product.

No matter if you choose to buy new, used, or rental mats, our construction experts will help you design the access solutions you’ll need to meet your job goals while at the same time protecting the environment you’re crew is working in.

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