Emtek Mats

  • Also known as Engineered Mats, Certified Mats, Treated Mats & ISPM Ready Mats.
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Emtek Mats

Here at Industrial Matting, we’re motivated to innovate, create, and execute for our clients in the construction industry. That’s why we’re always searching for better and more effective products, processes, services, and technologies to serve their diverse needs. As a result, if we discover a new, high-caliber idea that will improve environmental protection and user safety while helping our customers save money, we’ll happily share it with our clients. That’s why we’re so excited about Emtek® Engineered Hardwood Mats.

Twice the Strength at Half the Weight

The technology used in Emtek® Engineered Hardwood Mats was first developed at the University of Maine in 2001. The goal of the original research and design work was to produce a high-strength wood composite from low-grade wood resources for residential and light commercial building applications. The product they developed not only achieved those high strength goals but was also highly durable in industrial environments, thanks to its laminated hardwood design.

Here’s how the manufacturing process works:

  1. It begins by machining hardwood boards to dimensions suitable for laminating.
  2. Boards are first ripped to a width that will ultimately yield the mat’s thickness.
  3. Ripped boards are then surfaced on the top and bottom to prepare a uniform surface for laminating.
  4. Adhesive is then applied to each lamination.
  5. Each lamination is set on edge and nested into the layup to create an un-pressed billet.
  6. Billets are pressed using heat and pressure.
  7. The pressed billets are machined to final dimensions.
  8. Billets are machined to receive connection hardware.
  9. Each billet is proof loaded to ensure adequate strength and quality.
  10. Billets are fastened together to achieve the required mat width.

This process results in a number of benefits. For starters, Industrial Matting can provide specific engineering data and calculations for psi, deflection, shear, and other important values which are guaranteed by certified engineers. Emtek® Engineered Mat are ISPM ready which means they are ready for export because they’ve been kiln dried, treated or both. By contrast, standard hardwood and softwood mats cannot guarantee their values. In addition, this engineer guaranteed strength comes at a greatly reduced weight when compared to timber mats.

These are two very useful features with applications across a number of construction disciplines.

Engineered Mats are Perfect for Soft Soil

As a result of this unique manufacturing process, Emtek® Engineered Mats become an ideal ground covering solution for work on soft or unstable soil. These mats a strong enough to support and distribute the weight of heavy equipment and light enough to protect the ground they’re resting on. When properly used, Engineered Mats can prevent the kind of environmental damage likely to result in costly fines.

And as an added bonus, the reduced weight of Emtek® Engineered Mats makes them much more cost-effective to transport and install. For many firms, this savings alone could more than cover the cost of new mats.

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