Dura Base Composite Mats: Strong and Versatile

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About Dura Base Mats

When you’re working on challenging surfaces like sand, mud, wetlands, or other environmentally sensitive areas, you need a mat that will provide dependable access everyday. Under these demands, choosing a Dura Base Composite Mat System could be the difference between your project’s success or failure.

Dura Base mats are engineered to provide a safe, cost-effective surface for all-weather use, no matter the season. These mats have performed successfully in challenging work environments such as oil and gas construction, military operations, and disaster relief support.

Formulated from high performance thermoplastic, these mats provide a strong and durable surface for all your projects.

Dura Base Features

  • The specialized tread pattern improves traction for vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Twist-lock fasteners fit each mat solidly into place, forming a single, uniform surface.
  • The overlapping lip system creates a continuous barrier between the work surface and the ground, reducing slippage and movement.
  • The mat system can follow contours for use on a variety of terrains.
  • Each mat measures 8′ x 14′ x 4.25′, weighs about 990 lbs, and can support loads up to 600 lbs. per square inch.
  • Dura Base Mats contain an additive that increases the conductivity of plastic and dramatically reduces the risk of static buildup.
  • Each mat is manufactured with an included RFID chip so you can easily track your inventory.

Dura Base vs. The Competition

Composite matting systems dramatically outperform wood and other mat types in strength and longevity. Their durable plastic construction ensures consistent performance and a nearly-unlimited shelf-life. And because they don’t break down or rot under the elements, composite mats provide major cost savings over the competition.

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