Crane Mats

  • Also known as Bridge Mats, Timber Mats, Construction Mats, etc.
  • Standard sizes readily available in 12″x4’x16′, 20′, 24′, 28′, 30′, and 40′ lengths.
  • New mats, used mats, rental mats and purchase and buyback programs available for crane mats.

Crane Mats

Depending on the type of job, Crane Mats are known by many different names. Sometimes they’re called Construction Mats, or Bridge Mats, or Timber Mats, but no matter the name, these big wood beams have been around as long as any other matting solution. Today these mats can be found on construction sites all over the world. Why? Because their heavy-duty versatility makes them appropriate for dozens of applications including bridge construction, pipeline projects, transmission line jobs, wind energy work, drill sites, environmental remediation, barge and marine use, and so much more.

Versatile Configurations

The reason Crane Mats are used so widely is because of their inherent strength and wide customization options.

  • Mats are commonly available in 8 and 12 inch thicknesses and in lengths between 16 and 40 feet. But we can also create custom-sized mats to meet your project’s precise needs.
  • Crane Mats are strong enough to support crane work, bridging and spanning, digging and many other applications.
  • Mats can be ordered solid or notched to expose the bolts for easy lifting and transporting. Additionally, optional lifting cables and chains can be added.
  • We can also include Interlocking fingers for added mat stability.

Crane Mats are also frequently used to create temporary roadways to access environmentally sensitive areas or as a means of preventing the rutting and damage often caused by heavy machinery. With dozens of available customization options and hundreds of different possible uses, Crane Mats are a perfect fit for any job requirement.

Industrial Matting Makes Buying Crane Mats Easy

Mats have a place in just about any industry. The real challenge comes in determining which matting system matches the equipment, personnel, environmental setting, and budget of each unique job. Industrial Matting can work within any industry and with any company to tailor fit the right mat, for the right application, at the right price.

Buy Used or Sell Your Mats Back to Us

Sometimes the perfect solution for a job is a set of used Crane Mats. That’s why Industrial Matting maintains a large used inventory our customers can shop. Our expert mat graders judge the quality of every used mat we own, estimate their expected remaining lifespan, and document their findings in thorough notes and digital photos our customers can look at whenever they like. We want our clients to purchase used mats with knowledge they’ll be useful tool for years to come.

Our customers also have the opportunity to sell their mats back to us once the job is finished. This can be a useful solution for firms working one-off jobs that don’t want to make a huge investment in mats that won’t be used again. We handle initial purchase and buyback as separate transactions so our customers can use their mats with confidence.  

Contact Us for More Information

Whether it’s a pipeline project, drilling site, barge job or in any application where reliable ground coverings are required, Crane Mats will do the job. For more information on designing customized mats tailor-made for your job, contact our matting experts today.

Did you know?

We sell, buyback, and rent industrial mats. We have new and used inventory available.

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