Composite Mats

Composite Mats

Managing access to job sites through soft ground or wetland areas can be a major headache. Without proper ground covering, vehicles lose traction or sink in the wet earth. Tracked vehicles might fare better, but create rutting and wreck the job site in the process.

Even with ground covering, wet conditions create unique challenges. Wood mats, for instance, absorb moisture and quickly lose their structural integrity. And because they’re difficult to clean, these kinds of mats serve as convenient transport devices for invasive species, and harmful chemicals like diesel fuel and hydraulic oil. This is an important consideration knowing how steep environmental impact fines can be.

So considering all this, the perfect matting system for damp environments would need to be strong, provide great traction, resist the elements, and be easy to clean. Industrial Matting’s Composite Mats fit all these requirements.

Suited for Any Job

Composite mats provide a strong, safe, and sturdy surface from which to work:

  • Our composite mats are made from heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • The material is 100% recycled, or virgin high density (HD), or ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW).
  • Mats do not conduct electricity.
  • The surface can handle a wide variety of equipment including rubber-tired vehicles, excavators, heavy machinery, cranes, and drilling rigs.
  • Our largest mats can bear loads up to 300,000 pounds, which is more weight bearing than other composite mats.
  • They’re basically indestructible at certified ratings and soil conditions.
  • Mats feature Traction-Raised nubs for efficient traction and mud dispersal and reversible pedestrian surface.

Our composite matting system can be customized in a variety of ways to fit your specific needs:

  • Mats are available in a variety of preset sizes or, if needed, custom sizes.
  • They also feature optional extras for connectivity, including ‘drop-in’ bolt connectors, metal connectors for heavy and tracked equipment, and high tensile ‘flex’ straps for increased safety and maximum stability.
  • Other optional extras include non-slip reflective markings and ‘cats eyes’ for night safety.
  • Colors Available: black for recycled HD Polyethylene or your choice of colors for virgin HD Polyethylene.

The mat material provides added protection for eco-sensitive areas:

  • HDPE can be easily cleaned and protects against invasive species and chemical contamination.
  • Composite mats are weather proof, and water and chemical resistant.
  • HD Polyethylene is recycled and resistant to acids, alkalis, and solvents.

A new composite matting system can also provide added savings that go straight to the bottom line:

  • Reduce transportation costs by shipping up to 25% more linear footage per truckload compared to other composite mats. That means huge savings!
  • Our solid, light-weight mat is perfect for jobs where mats need to be handled and installed manually. No more paying for expensive mat installation!

And most importantly, we stand by every mat we produce and guarantee them through a 1-year warranty. When used as recommended, composite mats have a 10-year field life.

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If you’d like to learn more about how composite mats can help you navigate soft or sensitive terrain, we’d love to help. We know every job is different, that’s why we’ll work to understand your specific needs before we recommend a solution. Contact us today!  

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