Composite Construction Mats are a Flexible Job Site Tool

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In addition to the composite access mats we’ve written about in previous posts, Industrial Matting also carries a large selection of composite construction mats. These are typically longer and narrower than access mats and come available in standard 45″ x 7″ x 16′ and 49″ x 9″ 24′ sizes. But custom sizes are also available. This configuration makes these mats perfect for use by tracked construction machinery and other heavy equipment. And just like composite access mats, these mats will protect sensitive natural areas from rutting and other damage from heavy machinery use. When deployed property, these mats are strong, durable, and green.

Construction Mats are Strong, Durable, and Green

Construction mats are engineered using our patented Recycled Structural Composite (RSC) formula – making them extremely strong, durable, and impervious to rot, fungus, insects, and moisture. This makes them ideal in wet or harsh-temperature environments, as well as resistant to abrasion and tread-wear. This engineering also makes composite mats incredibly strong. In fact, they offer higher compressive strength values than Oak lumber. But unlike wood, composite construction mats won’t gain weight, warp, or lose strength when wet. Their non-absorptive make up also prevents cross-contamination from fuel, oil, or invasive species. And because they do not leach or contain toxic materials, they’re an excellent choice for use in environmentally sensitive areas. And the green benefits don’t stop there. Composite construction mats are made from 100% recycled material. So when you use these mats you’re helping keep plastic waste from ending up in oceans and landfills.

Construction Mats are Flexible

In addition to acting as an effective ground covering solution, composite construction mats also come pre-engineered for use as a short-span temporary bridge crossings for loadings up to 100,000 pounds. Use them alone or as a tough, water-proof riding surface over a mixed hardwood mat. Wider and longer crossings are possible if you combine mats together and by utilizing the interior supports. Composite construction mats are strong enough to pull double-duty. This built-in flexibility makes them an an excellent and cost-effective, long-term ground covering solution.

Determine Your Ideal Size and then Contact Industrial Matting

To determine your ideal mat size, please collect the following data:

  • The total load to be applied to each mat and the weight and load capacity of your equipment.
  • The width of the load when applied to each mat, which is the width of your excavator or crane tread or tires.
  • The allowable soil bearing capacity of the ground the mats will be placed on.

Once you’ve collected that information, contact our matting experts at (888) 543-MATS or by filling out the form on our contact page. With decades of combined construction materials, they’ll help you build a matting package that’s good for your project and good for your bottom line.

Industrial Matting maintains a large supply of mats in stock, and also make construction mats available to rent. We also offer a robust buy-back program which, for our customer’s protection, we treat as a separate transaction from purchase. So no matter wether you decide to rent or buy, the risk to your pocketbook is minimal. But don’t wait too long, because as soon as you add the power of composite construction mats to your toolkit, your productivity will skyrocket.

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