Buyback Program

  • Industrial Matting offers a unique buyback program for our customers. Mats are sold to the customer and at the end of their project they have the option to keep the mats or sell them back to us.
  • The initial sale of the mats and the buyback are two separate transactions, allowing our customers the option to keep the mats for other projects or uses.

Buyback Program

Buying new mats can be a costly investment. It’s certainly necessary, because the right matting system can protect you from the heavy costs that come through environmental fines and remediation, equipment damage, employee injury, or job delays. But, if you’re purchasing mats for a one-time job and you don’t anticipate ever using them again, a set of new mats certainly takes a chunk out of the bottom line. Fortunately Industrial Matting offers our buyers an innovative solution.

Mat Buyback Program

After our clients have designed and purchased their matting system, Industrial Matting gives them the opportunity to sell their mats back to us once the project’s finished. During the sales lifecycle, we handle mat purchases and buy backs as two separate transactions. This way, our clients have the option of keeping their mats for other projects or uses.

This program gives our clients important security as they’re making their purchases. They can design the perfect mat system for their project under the guidance of our in-house matting experts. They can purchase their mats knowing our prices are competitive, and they’ll be free from the stress of having to decide on the spot if they’ll keep the mats at the project’s completion. Then, once the job is done, they can opt to keep the mats for further use, or sell them back to Industrial Matting for a fair price. It’s a truly risk free program that benefits everyone involved.

Used and Rental Programs

When we buyback construction mats, they feed our used and rental mat inventory. These mats give our buyers even more flexibility as they design their perfect ground covering solution. Between offering the best-quality new mats, our generous buyback program, and a robust used and rental inventory, Industrial Matting offers a product for every consumer.

Contact Us Today

For more information on our buyback program, contact Industrial Matting today at (888) 543-MATS. You can also fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away. Our matting experts can also provide information on any of our products or services so that you can begin to design the perfect system for your unique job.

Our goal is to make Industrial Matting your first choice for all your matting needs, no matter what job you undertake. And to give our clients the flexibility to choose the matting system that best meets their needs, rather than the matting system that makes us the most profit. We believe this is the key to long-lasting business relationships.

Did you know?

We sell, buyback, and rent industrial mats. We have new and used inventory available.

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