Temporary Construction Bridges

  • Industrial Matting provides bridge kits and spanning solutions up to 85′ feet in length.
  • A bridge pad can be custom fitted to each piece of equipment to increase safety for people and equipment
  • Bridge Kits are available for both purchase and rentals. A used bridge pad rental is a cost-effective way to increase safety on temporary jobs.

Bridge Kits

As environmental preservation efforts have increased over the years, there has also been a corresponding increase in the impact and mitigation requirements government agencies place on the construction industry. Depending on its scope, a typical project might be responsible for anything from erosion mitigation to watershed preservation to historic preservation. And on top of all the Federal laws, there can also be a host of state, county, and municipal regulations to follow. It’s no surprise then that many large firms now employ their own compliance monitors who help track these ever-changing requirements.

While all these rules may sometimes seem onerous, they’re likely here to stay. So it’s in a construction firm’s best interest to take a proactive approach to their mitigation efforts. And while it may add an additional level of effort and expense, preserving the natural world is an important undertaking.  

Bridge Kits as a Mitigation Solution

In some situations, mitigation rules may require personnel and machinery to go over a sensitive area rather than through it. This is especially true when construction is happening around a watershed, stream, or area of wetland. In these instances, the most effective solution might be some kind of span. But when expensive machinery and valuable employees are involved, a makeshift bridge just won’t do. So what’s the answer? A customized bridge kit from Industrial Matting.

Our bridge kits can be tailored to fit your project’s exact requirements:

  • Industrial Matting provides bridge kits and spanning solutions up to 160 feet in length.
  • Our bridge pads can also be custom-fitted for each piece of equipment so that safety is maximized for people and machinery alike.

In addition to their many customization features, our bridge kits are all built to the highest engineering standards.

  • All temporary bridge are rated and guaranteed by certified engineers.
  • We can provide psi, shear, deflection and any other ratings needed for free spanning.
  • Our products are proof loaded up to 150% of their published ratings and constructed ASTM 5456 compliant.

Our commitment to quality construction ensure that our bridge kits will be the perfect mitigation tool for any building project. And our customization options will improve safety and efficiency as personnel and machinery work from an elevated position.

Buy a Used Bridge Kit or Rent Directly from Industrial Matting

Of course a brand new, customized bridge kit isn’t appropriate for every job. That’s why we maintain a large stock of used spans that are available for purchase or for rent. In many applications, a used or rented bridge kit can be a cost effective and efficient solution to any number of challenging mitigation issues.

We Offer Customized Solutions

At Industrial Matting, we understand that every project is not created equal. Budgets, goals, and resources can vary widely, and as a result, each project deserves its own customized solution. That’s why our matting experts work to understand each of client’s unique needs before selling them a product. If you have a challenging mitigation need, we’d love to help you find the perfect solution. Give us a call today!

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