Barge & Marine Work

Industrial Matting supports a variety of work in the barge and marine industry. Whether in aquatic construction, crane work, dredging, material loading and hauling, equipment transport, or any other specialized needs on rivers, lakes, harbors or marinas, Industrial Matting not only offers standard mats for these applications, but we can also design and build specialized matting solutions to fit your exact requirements.

Commonly used mats for this industry:
– Laminated Mats
– Crane Mats
– Digging Mats
– Steel Rig Mats
– Composite Mats
– Emtek Pads
– Outrigger Pads
– Skids/Timbers
– Used & Rental Mats

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We sell, buyback, and rent industrial mats. We have new and used inventory available.

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