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The right mat at the right price.


Mats have a place
in almost all industries.

The challenge, however, is to know which matting solution is the ideal fit for your type of work, equipment, personnel, environment settings and budget. Industrial Matting can work within your industry and company parameters to tailor fit the right mat, for the right application and at the right price.













We’re customer-focused,
enabling your work and planning.

Industrial Matting provides matting solutions to job sites and industries throughout the world. Matting provides many benefits to both companies and the environment, while actually helping the bottom line. We focus on taking care of customers and finding ways to enable their work and planning. Each of our valued customers comes from different backgrounds and industries. We pride ourselves on providing the right products, for the right applications, at the right price.

Industrial Matting believes in taking care of customers. We operate with one fundamental business concept; our clients are the beginning and the end of our reason to be in business. Proactively we find solutions that  .

We believe lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. There is no job too large or too small. We’ve found that nothing is impossible – but that impossible just takes a little longer.

With strategically located manufacturing and storage facilities throughout the United States and Canada, Industrial Matting is ready to respond quickly and professionally to your needs. Whether your specific needs call for crane support, pipeline jobs, temporary road access, bridge trestles, drilling pads, environmental remediation or other applications, we can provide the solution for your unique specifications and criteria.

• Crane Work
• Temporary Access Work
• Wind, Hydro, Mining, Nuclear
• Oil Drilling

• Pipeline Construction
• Offshore Operations
• Environmental Remediation
• Transmission Lines

• Logging & Forestry
• Military
• Free Span Bridging
• Bridge Construction

• Heavy Civil
• Heated & Safety Walkways
• Turf Protection
• Waste Removal & Cleanup

Mats Mean Protection.

Avoid on-the-job injury, death, and costly lawsuits that can be prevented when proper matting is used.

People & Equipment

Keep Equipment & Personnel Safe
Stability For Critical Lifts & Picks
Mats can Provide Certified
Engineering Ratings for Shear, Deflection, PSI, etc.
Create Temporary Roads & Work Surfaces

The Environment

Prevent Environmental Remediation & Erosion Control Problems
Safeguard Turf, Natural Habitats & Wetland Areas
Create Oil & Chemical Containment Layers
Mat Bridging & Spanning Leaves Ditches & Waterways 100% Unaffected

Your Future

Avoid Costly Remediation Liabilities & Fines
Correct Matting Increases Work Efficiencies & Minimizes Downtime
Enables Work in All Conditions

Did you know?

We sell, buyback, and rent industrial mats. We have new and used inventory available.

Let’s find your mat solution.

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