Used Mats

Used Mats

Many of Industrial Matting’s customers like buying our used construction mats due to the price advantage. If your application permits it, you may consider saving money by purchasing used mats. Most of our used mats come from our rental inventory or purchase and buyback programs.

Quality Control

Many consumers fear buying used mats because they’ve either had a bad experience or have heard one of the many horror stories of companies having quality control problems when buying used mats. This concern is valid as many companies do not accurately represent their used mats. Industrial Matting strives to represent our used mats accurately by doing the following:

1. Mat Grading – Industrial Matting professionals have graded thousands of used mats and know how to ensure we are representing the mats for what they are. Outward appearance is only half of the equation. Dry rot and busted timbers and bolts are not always visible in pictures or even in person. Our mat graders ensure we’ve studied and tested the mats. Mats are marked, tallied, sorted by grade and photographed for reference.

2. Mat History – Mats don’t last forever. Knowing how long a mat has been in service, what it’s been used for and how it’s been stored makes a big difference in the quality of the mat. Industrial Matting takes the time to track our rental pool and buyback program mats and how they are used so our customers know what to expect.

3. Digital Pictures – A picture really is worth a 1,000 words. All our used mats have had their picture taken. Ask one of our sales reps to provide you with pictures of our used mats so you know what to expect.

4. Customer Pick Up – Industrial Matting invites our customers to pick up our mats themselves at our yards. This allows them the opportunity to see the used mats up close and hand select what gets loaded on your trucks.

Did you know?

We sell, buyback, and rent industrial mats. We have new and used inventory available.

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