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When you’re using heavy equipment, knowing the stability of the ground beneath you is key to successfully completing your project. Sometimes that information is available, but other times you may be operating in the dark. If you find yourself flying blind, Industrial Matting offers complete soil and compaction analysis services including engineering data such as PSI, shear, and deflection ratings as well as wetland overlays. What’s more, we can use what we find to help you make decisions about the proper matting needed for your specific uses.

Tips for Working with Unknown Compaction

Start by getting enough cribbing for your guess, then test the soil by slowly bringing the boom over the outrigger. If the outrigger begins to sink, quickly retract the boom, and then increase the cribbing. Keep testing until the outrigger no longer sinks.

Examples of the Load Capacities of Various Soil Types:

Soil Type
Load Bearing Capacity
Virgin Ground
22 PSI
29 PSI
Compressed Crushed Stone
36 PSI
Clay/Silt Soil, Firm
43 PSI
Mixed Granular Soil
51 PSI
Firm Compacted Gravel
58 PSI
Firm More Compacted Gravel
72 PSI
Firm More Compacted Class Five Gravel
109 PSI
Brittle Weathered Rock
145 PSI
Concrete (Unknown Mix)
1,000 PSI

Our Guarantee

In our industry, infrastructure and equipment can easily cost millions of dollars and an improper understanding of soil conditions can put your machinery, work, and personnel in jeopardy. If you allow Industrial Matting to do a soil, compaction, and site analysis we offer a guarantee that our mats will perform and support your equipment. If you have any problems as a result of our incorrect recommendations, we’ll cover any damages and costs.

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You can reach one of our matting experts by calling (888) 543-MATS or by emailing us here. Our goal is to understand the complete conditions of your job and provide recommendations that will help you realize a successful outcome.

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