Mat Applications for a Variety of Needs

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Matting is an incredibly versatile tool used in a variety of industries. And with a host of material and size configurations, you have the ability to customize your matting to nearly every application. It can be confusing however, when you’re just getting started. How do you know if you need a mat, and if you do, how do you know your choosing the right one? At Industrial Matting, our mat applications break out into four rough categories.

Bridge Spans

Do you need a temporary bridge to span an impassable space? Industrial Matting offers engineered bridge kits that will allow you to move your equipment to its designated work area. These kits can also be customized based on the size of the span and the weight of the crossing equipment.

Stable Work Surfaces

Is your job site located on sand or ground that won’t support heavy machinery? Emtek, Composite, or Steel Rig mats can be used to create an artificial work surface capable of safely supporting your workers and your equipment.


Maybe you don’t need an entire work surface stabilized but instead just need specific support for crane outriggers or pipelines. Industrial Matting can supply smaller Outrigger Pads that provide a stable crane base or hard and softwood skids for pipeline applications.


Sometimes jobs take you into areas with sensitive environmental concerns or pristine areas you don’t want to ruin with heavy equipment. We offer matting solutions that allow you to protect the ground while you complete your job.

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If you any of these mat applications sound familiar, you should contact Industrial Matting today. Our matting experts will learn all they can about your job, budget, and requirements and create a matting solution that perfectly fits your needs. We also offer a comprehensive used mat and mat buyback program so your options extend even further. Give us a call at (888) 543-MATS or send us an email and we’ll get to work.

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