Construction Services: More than Just Matting

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Construction Services

In addition to providing industry-leading matting expertise, Industrial Matting also offers a number of construction services to help your job run efficiently. Our goal is to provide our clients with value-added service in support of ongoing professional relationships. Read below for more information on our construction services:

Mat Cleaning

Did you know that regular cleaning of your mats can increase their expected lifetime by as much as 20%? Soil borne pathogens are the leading cause of mat rot and degradation and our thorough cleaning process will make your mats stronger, less slippery, and extend their life. What’s more, proper cleaning between jobs eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from noxious weeks, destructive insects, fuel, and other chemicals.

All cleaning is conducted on your job site using a self contained process that recycles all contaminated water ensuring your site stays clean and reduces remediation risks.

Truck and Rail Delivery

Because we frequently ship our matting products across the United States and Canada, Industrial matting can provide our customers discounted rates for shipping via truck, rail, container, break bulk, vessel, or LTL.

In addition, our customers are welcome at any of our yards to examine and pick up their mats. This allows our clients to see our mats up close and hand select what gets loaded on their trucks. This also allows greater control over freight rates.

Used Mat Grading

Buying used mats can be risky. If you’re not working with a professional mat grader, you run the risk of getting burned. Industrial Matting’s professional mat graders provide all our clients with detailed tallies of mat sizes, grades, and locations, detailed pictures of all mats with corresponding sizes and grades, and a complete analysis of usability and potential longevity.

Soil Analysis

Every job site is different and as such, every site will have different matting needs. Industrial Matting offers site an soil analysis and can provide wetland overlays, engineering data, and shear and deflection ratings. Our experts will then make specific recommendations about which mats will perform best under your unique conditions. With the potential of millions of dollars of project and liability costs, a site analysis by Industrial Matting saves time and money.

Job Site Support

As part of our company’s commitment to providing great customer service, we’re more than willing to come to our customer’s job sites to help in any way possible.  Whether for pre-job planning, onsite consultation, mat lay down and pick up, or bridge kit installation, we’re always ready to be of services.

Call Today

As you can see, Industrial Matting is more than just a construction mat provider. We’re also a fully capable construction services provider. If you need help with your job, call us at (888) 543-MATS or send us a message. We’re ready to help!

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