Emtek Mats

  • Also known as Engineered Mats, Certified Mats, Treated Mats & ISPM Ready Mats.
  • ISPM ready and capable of export.
  • New mats, used mats, rental mats and purchase and buyback programs available.

Emtek Mats

Emtek mats are engineered hardwood mats that are bolted together to enable heavy duty equipment to operate in unstable conditions. Emtek mats provide greater strength while weighing less than traditional hardwood mats!

Specific engineering data and calculations for psi, deflection, shear and other important values can be provided and guaranteed by certified engineers, while standard hardwood and softwood mats cannot guarantee their values. Emtek mats are ISPM ready which means they are ready for export because they’ve been kiln dried, treated or both.

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